Commercial Interior, Restaurant & Store Design in San Rafael, CA

Carolyn Robbins not only brought my many jobs in below budget but her concepts in design and ambience made my hotel and restaurant world renown.
— Burton Goldberg - Owner, The Mutiny Hotel
Carolyn re-designed our entire house, including almost every bedroom, the kitchen, living room, gym, and bathrooms. She has amazing taste and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
— Lyle Fong, Residence Owner
What I particularly appreciate about Carolyn’s design work is that she thinks out of the box and comes up with a very unique and interesting end product. In addition she is committed to using “green” materials, such as reclaimed lumber, bamboo cabinetry, non-toxic paints and other environmentally-friendly materials.

If you want your project to have real personality and at the same time be sensitive to the environment, Carolyn can get you there.
— John Shurtz - President, Green Builders of Marin
It is rare to find someone who really wants to understand you before the design process begins. Carolyn does this beautifully.
— -Avery Mullan, Residence Owner
Ren Nelson
What I like about your work Carolyn, is how unique your ideas are. It doesn’t matter in what area, you see things differently than most people could imagine them. Then, you get them done for a reasonable cost.

— Ren Nelson, Residence Owner
Carolyn waded into an poorly planned and ill-fated remodeling of my kitchen. She was patient, resourceful, attentive, always on time with a timely idea. Sometimes she was stern, but usually with a sense of humor. In general I enjoyed the experience, which says a lot considering how much I detest remodeling and spending money. And, the kitchen is attractive (Admittedly, I am prejudiced.) and particularly functional for my needs.
— Patrick Jobes, Residence Owner
Carolyn designed my kitchen and 2 bathrooms. she is great to work with. she is v creative and has quite original ideas. she is very in tune with what the client wants and tries to think for them about things they might not know about. she has a very broad understanding of building, furniture and all kinds of crafts. i wonder sometimes if there’s anything she can’t do.
— Dolores Heeb, Residence Owner