Monty Trainer, a local restuanteur and Suzanne Johnson, the renowned nightclub Manager, came together to develop a nightclub in the Mayfair Shopping Center, Ken Treister's beautiful artistic complex of stores in Coconut Grove, Florida. From water flowing under a dance floor, star-lit ceilings made of tiny bulbs sewn into black mesh in layers, over-sized cat paw capitals in the dining room, and murals by Carlos Alfonzo surrounding the bar of nasty cats under the banana leaves, the club was the combination of all the environments where wild cats live. The waitresses dressed in scant leather hides and were rumored to act quite cat like upon request. One jungle room, one desert room and a club full of Miami's renowned club goers, paid the cost of a private membership card to enter. What set this club apart from many others at the time, was the romantic mood created carefully by placing the lighting just so,  making a woman's complexion all that much better! 

Photos by Dan Forer