The small downstairs kitchen in the O'Heffernan house had a very low ceiling in an area the family wanted to use as family dining and heart of the home. The task was how to float the case goods, allowing the ceiling to compliment and not cramp the overhead beams. By accenting the tops of the bamboo cabinets with mahogany hardwood, to match the stained beams and window trims, we introduced the textures of a lighter tone, simple and elegant in style, floating with a light reflective quality. Introducing the natural river rock and luminescent turquoise tile, we brought more light to the area and an element of nature from outdoors. The reflection of the rock in the dark granite offered the look of water. Designing with the idea of expanding on textures and their luminosity, works well in small areas to make a space expand. The over-all feel of the kitchen resembles a Japanese style boat ready to launch off of a rocky beach. 

Photos by Carolyn Robbins