Rollicks Restaurant was a local jazz and dining establishment in the theme of joy and merriment of classic carnival boardwalks. The distinct areas of the restaurant had various games and moving entertainment. The raised dining areas were built with moving shooting galley ducks, clowns and circus animals in display cases that could be operated at a whim to surprise the clientele.. The walls were splatter painted with multi colors over a range of flat and gloss enamel. Tissue paper collage was used on the table tops as wall as a range of colorful tile for the bar top. All the furniture was bought from used furniture auctions and stained in various colors.  The circus posters surrounding the top of the bar were painted by the well known artist, Carlos Alfonzo and the relief frames were casted by Ornacem Foundries, known for their work in Havana on stately buildings. 

Photos by Dan Forer